Tree removal

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Whether a tree has blown over in a storm or you require our tree felling skills, JD Tree Services can handle all tree removals in a safe and responsible manner.

Our expert tree surgeons perform the following stump and tree removal techniques:

Directional Felling

Directional felling is a tree removal technique that is only suitable in wide open spaces. It usually involves felling the tree in a single, complete piece. Our tree surgeons cut a notch that acts like a hinge at the base of the tree. This encourages the tree to fall in a planned direction. We then make a ‘felling cut’ to fell the tree.

As experienced arborists, we use appropriate equipment to guarantee safe felling, in turn minimising the risk to people and property.

Sectional Dismantling

The majority of our tree felling jobs in Wrexham, Chester, Mold, Whitchurch, Oswestry take place in gardens and spaces where directional felling isn’t possible. This is usually due to a tree being close to a property or boundary. In these cases, our skilled tree surgeons climb the tree using harnesses, ropes and cables. They are then able to dismantle the tree in sections, from the top down.

In cases where the tree is dead and decaying, it can be unsuitable for climbing. In these cases, we may need to utilise mobile elevated work platforms.